Education and fighting disease are two of the six focus areas of Rotary by donating you will not only be helping to change the lives of these Vanuatu students you will be providing a resource that will improve the life of all the people of Vanuatu now and into the future.

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The Rotary Club of Mackay inc.

The City of Mackay Australia has a lot of history with the people of Vanuatu and we are proud to have a large population of South Sea Islanders living in our city. Many of these residents can trace their ancestors back to the Islands of Vanuatu who were brought to Queensland to work in our Sugarcane Industry. The Rotary Club of Mackay is supporting the country that supplied the workers that helped to build our great city.

Rotary delivering a water tank at Port Vila markets Vanuatu

Life Improvement Project

The Rotary Club of Mackay has carried out many hands on projects in Vanuatu they include, Refurbishing the medical centre on the remote island of West Ambae, Installing generators and computers at a number of schools on West Ambae, Distributing school desks, water tanks, school stationary and text books to the rural schools on the islands of Efate, Santo, Ambae, Epi and Tanna.

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The Life Improvement Project has now been closed. The club has decided education is key and is now focuing on the skills training project

Rotary sponsered teacher

Skill Training Project

Last year the Rotary Club of Mackay  sponsored 6 nurses at the Vanuatu College of Nursing Education 6 teachers at Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education and 7 university students at University of the South Pacific

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Project News

The Tasmanian Rotary Club of West Tamar has come on board this year and are sponsoring one Teacher and one Nurse